water electret meltblwon fabric

1. High strength, small difference at longitudinal and longitudinal direction; 2. Acid, non-toxic, non-tradiation, harmless to human physiology; 3. With excellent breathability; 4.Master batch dying, never fade; 5. Smooth, bright color, roll slitting, easy use, best quality.
    Meltblown farbic, has many varied names like meltblown cloth, meltblown nonwoven, and since it is one kind of special nonwoven or spundond, people also name it as spunbond melblown, melt blown cloth’s raw material is mainly polypropylene, the fiber diameter can reach 1 to 5 microns. It has many voids, fluffy structure, good wrinkle resistance, unique capillary structure of microfiber to increase the number of fibers per unit area, and surface area, so that the meltblown cloth has good filtration, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption. Can be used for air and liquid filtration materials, isolation materials, absorbent materials, mask materials, warm materials, oil-absorbent materials and wiping cloth, etc.

    The meltblown fabric we offer is for mask filter application use and has special specifications, which help the final mask can meet the requirements of varied standards.



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