One-component PUR (1-C PUR) glue automatic application machine for sandwich panels production......

    One-component PUR (1-C PUR) glue automatic application machine for sandwich panels production

    Most popular and budget machine for average and high-volume SIP sandwich panels fabrication.

    In the bundle with several (1-6 pcs) C-type pneumatic presses, able to provide the sandwich panels production output as big Automatic line or Semi-automatic line. 

    The main benefit is: the customer, in the early stage of starting the SIP production business, is able to purchase one SPL-9 adhesive extruder and 1-2 C-type presses, and later can extend the production output twice or more just by adding more C-type presses for sandwich panels pressing. 

    Also, the production can be upgraded by Sandwich Panel Processing Machinery, for Cutting, Rebating, Grooving sandwich panels in a more automated and superior way and precision order.

    The JXSPL-9 1C PUR glue applicator is designed for the application of 1-Component Polyurethane Glue on the flat surface of materials, used in the production of different kinds of sandwich panels as well as SIPs with skins such as OSB, MGO, plywood, fiberglass, fiber cement boards with different types of core materials - such as EPS/XPS boards, foamed PU or PIR boards, mineral wool, cell boards and other types of insulation materials.

    All parameters of the machine are available to be modified according to the requirements of the customer at the stage of order consideration.

    The SIP production machine can be equipped with the following glue bead application systems:

    - One-component polyurethane PUR humidity reactive (moisture-cured);

    - Two-component PUR glue dosing and mixing system for various composite sandwich panels production; SPL-9 2-C PUR version link

    Provide us with your requirements and we will help you to choose the right glue application system for sandwich panels production, according to the specifics of your production, final product, and required goals.

    - One SPL-9 machine can serve up to 6 Pneumatic Presses 



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