Decorative insulation sandwich panel

    1.  The surface material of the panel is aluminized zinc sheet which the thickness is 0.27-0.30mm.
    Its weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, smoke resistance after special process treatment. The surface layer is greatly enhanced by the pressure balance principle and percent recovery is 99.9%.
    2.   Rigid polyurethane foam is the most environmentally friendly insulation materials in the world. Its insulation performance decreased only less than 3% after 25 years under high temperature testing. Compared with traditional materials, it has excellent heat insulation and cold resistance performance. The heating and cooling energy consumption is greatly reduced thus saving energy expenditure, cost-effective.
    3. The surface can be made into a variety of different textures like brick, stone, mosaic, (wood) grain etc. A variety of colors and patterns can meet the requirements of different architectural style.



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