Water electret melt blown cloth FFP2.P3

Water electret process: the prepared pure water is delivered to the fan-shaped nozzle through the hydraulic pump, and the fan-shaped nozzle spurs the melt blown. Under the mesh curtain supporting the melt blown cloth, a special fan is used to extract air and pump water. The electric charge is generated by the friction between pure water and melt blown cloth to complete the spunlace electret.
Drying process: the melt blown cloth with water electret is sent into the drying box through the conveyor belt, which is dried by hot air and wound after drying. Electric heating energy consumption may not dry.
Related parameters: melt blown temperature: Zone 1 180, zone 2 230, zone 3 240, zone 4 240, zone 5, 240, die head to spinneret 238, air heating 245, extruder 35rpm, air compressor 1450rpm, basic industrial reagent 5-6, reverse osmosis mold filtration, conductivity of the first stage is 40-45um / S, secondary stage is 0.5-1.5um/s, water pressure of high-pressure water pump is 2MPa, drying temperature is 70-90, and moisture content after drying is less than 0.02%.
Pre electret formula: PP melt blown non-woven fabric added with 1% electret masterbatch transfers the prepared pure water to fan-shaped nozzle through high-pressure water pump, and the fan-shaped nozzle spurs one side of melt blown non-woven fabric, and generates electric charge through friction between pure water and melt blown cloth to complete Spunlaced electrostatic electret.
Production of pre electret melt blown fabric: electret polypropylene with high fluidity and a small amount of electret masterbatch are selected.