JinXiang Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric for N95

The demand for meltblown cloth is always changing with the actual market demand. At present, the domestic epidemic situation has achieved textbook type prevention and control. For disposable medical masks, the demand for N95 masks has also dropped. However, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still severe. How to make meltblown cloth that meets the protection standards of foreign masks is a problem discussed by domestic manufacturers.

The water column electrode melt blown cloth technology can make the melt blown cloth achieve low resistance (about 3-40%), high efficiency (the highest oil property is 99.97), and no attenuation (up to more than 2 years); that is to say, in the case of reducing air resistance, it can improve the filtration efficiency, and the performance of the water electret melt blown cloth is saturated with static electricity and has a long static electret time! With such excellent characteristics, water electret process has become the research object of many domestic manufacturers.

After repeated tests, Jinxiang machinery has found the suitable PP material and electret masterbatch ratio, and successfully conquered the water electret process. The electret melt blown cloth has been tested in high temperature and high humidity, and the original electric capacity is kept. In addition, our company provides a complete set of solutions for the 1600-3200 melt blown production line water filling and electret equipment, which can help partners to move to the high-end melt blown fabric market with reasonable price, stable and efficient equipment use, and the produced meltblown cloth meets the European standard FFP2 + / Korean standard kf94 + mask detection standard.