Xps Foam Board pan Making Machine


Xps Foam Board pan Making Machine
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XPS Foam board line is mainly composed of six parts of mixing system, extruder, foam agent injection system, traction system, conveying & cutting system, recycling& pelletizer system. Our product has the advantages of excellent configuration, reasonable design, high output, low energy consumption and extremely high stability.

The main configuration:
Raw material mixture and auto conveying equipment.
75 parallel twin-screw extruder.
High pressure foam agent injection system.
Type 150 extruder.
Extrusion head.
Foam table.
Primary tractor.
Transfer& Cooling rack.
Secondary tractor and width cutting equipment.
Length cutting equipment.
Recycling & Pelletizer system.


Primary Extruder Screw 


Extruder Screw

Product Width


Product Thic 


Output(KG/H)Size(M"M"M) Weight(T)
SXPS -75/15075150600~120017~100200~40060*10*426
SXPS -75/20075200600~120020~120300~50070*10*431
SXPS -95/25095250600~150020~150400~70080*12*437

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