Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Production line


Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Production line
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JX 100 type PU sandwich panel line is an automatic production line, which is consisting of decoiler, film coating, pre-cutting equipment,roll forming machine system, preheating, foaming, solidification, band saw cuttinig, cooling, stacking and packing. The whole line integtates technologies of mechanics, chemistry, eletrical control, hydraulic pressure pneumatic and temperature control.

1.Beautiful and applicable,multiple functions,such as thermal isolation,sound isolation and flame retardence.
2.Using heated air recycle oven,strictly control the temperature of PU foaming and solidification in suitable range.
3.Using high pressure foaming system,precise measurement,high stabilith,little dust in locale,protect the worker's health.
4.Using 141B Or C5 as foaming agent.Insted of carbon chloral-fluoride,make the PU foaming treatment treatment become environmental
production crafe.
5.Special double belt cojveyor,flat surface of sandwich panel,even thinckness,anti-patter n.
6.Operation system controlled by PLC computer,personal design and simple operation.

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